Pheasant Hunting Brochure ...

Controlled Shooting Area

Licensed by Kansas Department of wildlife & Parks.

Extended Season

September 1 - March 31

No Legal Limit

Reduced License Fee

$17.10 for Controlled Shooting License both in & out-of-sate. Regular license holders do not need controlled license. All licenses available at Pheasant Farms Headquarters.

2000 acres of prime hunting area

Grass, trees, milo and corn stubble.

Pheasant - Quail

Birds will be there - money back guarantee.

Many Plans Available

Hunting Plan

$265 per hunter per day

  • 8 pheasants or others (see schedule) per day. $15 per bird for each bird taken over initial stocking.
  • Light Lunch included.
  • $3.00 per bird for dressing, freezing or packed in ice.


  • 3 Quail = 1 pheasant


  • $50.00 per hunter- non- refundable, will apply to rescheduled hunt.
    Drop-ins are welcome - will be accepted as time and space allows.

Guides & Dogs

8 or more hunters ... Free
7 hunters .... $12 per hunter per day
6 hunters .... $15 per hunter per day
5 hunters ... $20 per hunter per day
4 hunters ... $30 per hunter per day
3 hunters .... $40 per hunter per day
2 hunters .... $65 per hunter per day 
1 hunter ..... $140 per day
Your dogs are welcome but must be kept under owner control.

Hunter Requirements

Controlled Shooting License. $17.10 resident / non-resident. Available at Headquarters. or Resident or Non-resident Hunting License.

If required, Proof of Hunter Safety Course - if under 16 years of age.

A hunting day will be legal hunting light. One-half day will be legal morning light to noon, or noon to legal evening light. We recommend #6 shot for pheasant and 7 1l2 shot or larger for quail.

No alcoholic beverages

drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during a hunt will result in forfeiture of fees and termination of hunting privilege.