Hunter Lodging / Accomodations ...

There are two houses on the preserve property that are available for hunters.  One has full amenities, and the other is more primitive.

The farmhouse, ½ mile from headquarters, is over one hundred years old, but has been outfitted with all the comforts of home.  We supply the beds, furniture, kitchen appliances, eating and cooking utensils, bathroom with tub and shower, laundry facility, and satellite TV with 200 channels.  You bring your linens, pillows, toiletries, and food.  This four room heated and air conditioned home will accommodate up to nine people.

The basement house, also 1/2 mile from headquarters, is minimally furnished, but has central heat, shower, refrigerator, coffeepot, and microwave.  With room for about six hunters, who bring their own bedding and utensils for eating and cooking.  This house lies in a heavily wooded area, and we often have wild turkeys and deer sauntering through the yard.  Many hunters will gladly trade the conveniences for the “staying in the wild” atmosphere this house provides.